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CarbonCubes is a young and growing software engineering and information technology start up based in India and established in  the year 2005.
We specialize in the design, architecture, development, testing and technical support services for desktop and web based line-of-business applications, custom CRM system, business solution integrations, websites for corporate intranet, extranet, e-commerce, e-learning, webstores, webservice integrations, hybrid mobile applications and remote real time information system access solutions and payment gateway integrations for SOHO ( Small Office, Home Office), SME ( Small and Medium Enterprises), business start ups located in India, UK, USA and Australia.

Wow!! That covers everything that most IT companies can boast of... But, trust us, we have provided each one of the above mentioned service and much more since 2005.

About Us


CarbonCubes was incorporated, funded, developed and being managed by a team of Software Professionals & Information Technology Practitioners with over 15 years of experience & expertise in the field of Software development & information technology consulting services.

Our Mission

We aim to position ourselves as a preferred technology solutions & service provider for small and medium sized businesses / software engineers/ solution architects/ technology consultants /  other small and medisum sized IT & software services businesses and teams around the world.

Year 2004

The idea took shape among a group of friends & technologists at a restaurant in London on the banks of river Thames in December 2004.

Year 2005

The Indian operations for CarbonCubes was establish in March 2005 by Mr. Sathish Kumar who was part of the group and relocated to India to develop a global competency center for CarbonCubes to support its UK operations. The Indian operation was established and is currently based at Trichy, a city located on the banks of river Cauvery in the southern state of Tamilnadu in India and globally renowned for its Power Engineering Equipment design & fabrication industries.

Year 2006

CarbonCubes  Technology (India) Private Limited was formed as a Registered Private Limited Company under the Indian Company Laws to faciliate share holding and investments from the UK team.  Mr. Sathish Kumar was appointed as the founder & managing director, Mrs. Swathi Kusum was appointed as a full time director.

Year 2008

Subsequently due to the economic meltdown especially affecting the finance & services sectors, the UK operation was closed down since the team members had to take up permanent roles in different organisations.

Year 2015

The Indian operations of CarbonCubes has grown into a successful business unit on its own having built a core team of Software Engineers and Technology Professionals focused on innovating, formulating and creating affordable business solutions catering to the needs of an exponentially growing SOHO ( Small Office, Home Office), Small and Medium sized businesses in the services sector and manufacturing industries across USA, UK, Australia and India.

Why "CarbonCubes"?

This is the first question from most of our existing and prospective clients when we sit for a first discussion!. Hence we decided to explain its connection with our core business activity.

Like all business names, we had our reasoning and thought process. Carbon is known as the essential building blocks for the universe as we know it. Carbon being one of the abundant naturally occurring element that has a wide range and variety of compounds and mixtures that is formed by its bonding with itself and other elements, every form of life is predominantly related to the existence of carbon in some form or the other. (Sounding like  a Chemistry blog?, . Well one of us had a special love for Chemistry as a subject in school and college days!!).

The word "Cubes" came straight from the Rubik's Cube puzzle and of course the cubical building blocks that we are all mostly used to right from our childhood days!.

We wanted our Organization’s name to reflect our mission statement which is "ASPIRATIONS EMPOWERED". Thus the word "Carbon" found its way into the name to imply the flexible nature of our organisation to engage with a diverse group of clients, technology enablers, solution providers as well offering innovative means of engaging with them in order to empower them in fulfilling their business aspirations. "Cubes" indicates the application of our technology skills & expertise in solving the ever growing business challenges for our clients to help them build & grow their business specializations.

Our services

Our Services

We specialize in developing applications in Sandboxed environment such as J2EE, Microsoft.net, Adobe ColdFusion, PHP & HTML5 based mobile applications. Over the years, we have gained the expertise in developing web & mobile based application and services for web applications and web services for Online Product Catalogs, web stores, Event Booking Systems, Magazines, and Web based intranet systems for order & inventory management, customer relationship management systems, e-learning and e-government systems for our clients and business associates.

Our Technologies

1. Adobe ColdFusion

solution_partner_rgb CarbonCubes is a registered Adobe Solution Partner specialising in ColdFusion.

Adobe ColdFusion celebrates it 20th year in 2015 and we are probably one of the few teams around the world with a continues association with ColdFusion product for over 18 years now starting with "ColdFusion 3.0" in 1998 and still going strong till with ColdFusion 11 and probably till the end of life for this product.

Our team members actively participate in Adobe's pre release programs evaluating product features, submitting bug reports, feature requests, etc.

We have designed & developed web sites, e-commerce systems, event booking and management systems, custom web services, product customizations for CFWebStore, Mura CMS etc besides integrating with a host of third party applications and services for developing our client's business solutions.

So, if you have a Adobe ColdFusion project in mind or existing system that requires technical support and development services, would like to augument your team with additional resource working alongside with your team, you can feel free to discuss with us. Even if we do not exceed your expectations, we will definitely not disappoint you!!!

2. PHP & MySQL

PHP & MySQL are renowned for their Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) that sets the benchmark for CMS products in all other techmology platforms. We focus on WCMS based customization, plugin development and support services.

3. Microsoft Technology Stack

We are a registered Microsoft Solution Partner.

Our expertise in Microsoft technologies is mainly focussed around ASP.net, web services, desktop applications, SQLServer, Microsoft Dynamics GP based Custom solution design, development, testing and support services. We have gained expertise in TDD for ASP.net and can develop fully automated functional tests for .net applications using Microsoft Visual Studio tools and technologies.


Our experience with mobile application development has begun pretty recent ly since 2013. We primarily build HTML5 based mobile applications ( stand alone, hybrid ) based on Adobe PhoneGap for targeting Andriod, iOS & Windows Mobile platforms.

If you are looking at the opportunity of engaging with CarbonCubes for providing software engineering and development services on any other technologies / products / packages, we would be keen to discuss the opportunities. Our organisation's structure enables you directly engage with the team on your own terms & convenience subject to legal operational requirements.

Contact Us

We are glad that you have come to this page with intent of contacting us for business or otherwise.  Our Contact information is as given below
Corporate & Registered Office
Contact Information

Landline Phone : +91 (0) 431–4340271

Mobile Phone : +91 (0) 98424–91712

Email : info@carboncubes.biz

Skype : pvsat76


CarbonCubes is a new generation engineering and technology enterprise focused to offer a host of services and products in various engineering streams. We are initially focused on Information Technology based products and services and will be branching out into other engineering domains as we grow.

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